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Home Additions Wayland

Home Additions WaylandThe homes of Wayland need additions. They are some of the oldest, most rustic homes in the entire country and need to be cared for and updated often. Additions for Wayland homes are often some of the most difficult due to the age of the existing homes. Old woods need replacing, new rooms need to match the existing exterior and often times, these additions have to be in accordance to the towns historical society who delegates over any changes made to what are considered to be historical houses; pieces of the town’s history. So home additions Wayland can be proud of and uphold the character and history of the town itself are extremely important. So when Wayland needs home additions, they turn to a company that understands these complexities and has a proven record for providing homeowners with quality construction that makes everyone happy and excited.

W.B. Houser is the company that has some of the best experience in this field. Some of the most exceptional home additions Wayland and other historical towns have seen are due to the long history and high attention to detail that owner Ed Houser puts into all his work. Having learned the family trade, Ed took over the company in the hopes of using his knowledge to help people around Massachusetts build their dream homes. Many home additions Wayland, Sudbury, Weston etc. have seen over the past 60 years are W.B. Houser projects and you can be sure that if they work for you, they’ll transform any home addition project into one that will keep you and the town happy for generations to come.

Home Additions Sudbury

Home Additions SudburySudbury has been one of the most influential towns in colonial and United States history. Incorporated in 1639, this town has played home to some of the earliest Americans and has cultivated some of America’s most well-known events from militia’s fighting in the Revolutionary War to Hennery Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous book Tales of Wayside Inn. But just because your home sits in a historic town, doesn’t mean it can’t be added on to or remodeled to become a more attractive place for your family. A specialist in any home addition Sudbury residents have known for years is W.B. Houser. Owner Ed Houser has been doing home additions in Sudbury since taking over the business from his grandfather who started the company in 1941. With years of experience under his tool belt, Ed has been helping the people of Sudbury add home additions his whole life and knows about everything from restoration to remodels. He is especially well versed in older homes and can help you keep the rustic appeal of a hundred year old home but add some modern flair to keep up with the needs of any homeowner.

With his company based in Sudbury, home additions and general contracting jobs are easy for Ed to come over and give an estimate on. His years of expertise mean Ed knows which products and designs are most economical and which will give your home the look and feel you want. So any home additions Sudbury wants, let W.B. Houser work for you and they’ll show why they are one of the most exemplary contractors in the Northeast!

Home Additions Weston

Home Additions Weston Located just outside Boston, Weston is an ever changing, exciting place where people young and old come to for the peaceful lifestyle. Since 1941, W.B. Houser has been creating some of the best home additions Weston residents have seen. After taking over the family company, owner Ed Houser has been doing remodels for bathrooms and kitchens and home additions in Weston and many surrounding towns. Home additions Weston residents need usually require a very skilled contractor with a fluid knowledge of the building codes. So, if you need any additions to your home in Weston or any surrounding towns, you can feel confident that W.B. Houser is the right company for any job.
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